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  1. 'Armageddon': See The Chilling Warning About White Supremacy Before The Capitol Riot
    msnbc Jan 22, 2021

    this kid wrote this song BEFORE the capitol riot

    Marlon Craft - State Of The Union (Official Video)
    Jan 19, 2021
    Marlon Craft

    1. Adaline: Many thanks...AGAIN: ("You always send me the best Kung Fu") How very synchronistic: I've had MSNBC on for days following developing stories, taking notes etc. so I can't believe I missed it!! Unless of course it was selectively deleted in my zone due to time constraints. There were so many truly powerful things Marlon said, perhaps the most profound was when he talked about this moment in time/space being the same in both timelines, and if we're EVER gonna change it up, NOW would be a shiny time to begin, in earnest. I really like this kid, so again thanks for sharing, you really know what I like :)

      Looks like I'm out of the game for awhile on account of an earthquake last week. I never heard or felt a thing, not until I awoke, sprawled out on the floor like a frat boy who can't hold his booze. Funny thing about it all is that I had nothing in common with that frat boy, because other than my routine every night meds, I was sober as a judge. Anyway, there I was on the floor, waking up very groogy and disoriented. Other than that I felt fine...until I went to stand up. My already sketchy legs and hip always make getting up from the floor a chore, (the wheelchair thing) but that morning I knew there was something else happening. I managed to make it back into bed, and despite the pain, I fell back asleed fast.

      When I got up next afternoon I took tally of my injuries from the earthquake: Two broken ribs in the lower back, A dandy cut across the bridge of my nose, and of course I had to land smack on my bad hip because evidently I still have some karma to work off. You know how sometimes after accidents some folks have to learn to walk all over again?...well in my case it may be having to learn to crawl all over again! I'm just exceedingly glad I was sound asleed when the quake hit because if I'd been fully awake I likely would have broken more than ribs just resisting the fall. That's one of the first things the old timers tell new arrivals to Alaska: When you're walking on slippery (rain/ice) footing, and take a fall, just go "Rag-Doll" and let it happen~you get hurt much worse trying to not look stupid, so just go with the flow. What was that I said not long ago about 2020 being a trailer for this year...

      So, be careful out there, and thanks for the links; us bloggers gotta share the gold, and you just handed me a nugget, great catch!

    2. OM freaking GOD Chautauqua. And I imagine a trip to the V.A. might be totally useless. I hope you feel better and SOON. That is just crazy. Hell that is the last thing you needed. Broken ribs suck. Which earthquake was it, the 4.2? You need a seatbelt installed on your bed! Or push one side up against a wall enough so you can't fall off at least one side and have a real big pillow or something on the floor on other side at night, at least a thick rug. Get all prepared then it'll never happen again, right?

      Glad you enjoyed the video. The kid (Marlon Craft) is very well spoken.

      Yeah, agenda (20)21 is trying to come to fruition. If you are ever in the mood for more doom, this video had a million views before nazitube took it down. It's back up on a different YT channel and here on bitchute. What the evil vaccine is really for. YIKES.


    3. Apologies for the delay in my response; old bones don't bounce back as fast as they once did...and the agony from the ribs has prevented any meaningful keyboard time, the posture being contra-indicated. In fact moving about the house was so painful at first, I decided to just use the electric wheelchair. A good idea perhaps except when I got it all set to go, it wouldn't! Has plenty of power, just won't work. Mercury retrograde strikes again!

    4. I hope you are getting better Chautauqua. Earthquakes are no joke. I was visiting my brother back 1/17/1994, MLK day, staying about 20 miles from the Northridge epicenter in Venice Beach. (6.7) At about 4 in the morning it hit, the beds sliding back and forth a foot banging against the walls, hitting the walls over and over. Everything shut down. It was really terrifying, with the aftershocks. Vaca in sunny California. (Back east the pipes were bursting in the cold.) I got up and looked out the window, there were looters out with shopping carts as soon as it happened. A few hours later my brother came to get us and when we got to his apartment and up the outdoor stairs, a huge electricity surge went followed the wires to his place, making a outer space sound. Freaked me OUT.
      I sure hope you get better real soon.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through right now, C. Some parts of the ship sink faster than others and it looks like your area is being targeted in many different ways.

    Hang in there, my friend. There's much to see in the time we have left.

    1. Good to hear from you, Free. Indeed, I'm about to start taking this stuff personnally...but for the now I think we've got the buggers on the run. Meanwhile, from the headlines across the nation I'm seeing that Hell froze over with Trump's aquittal!! Sound about right.