Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2015 Crop Circle Gallery

Another season of crop circles to pique our curiosity as we view yet another set of images in an on-going and mysterious one sided conversation.

Are we listening yet?

As with previous seasons; presented here are what I consider to be the best, and most significant crop formations of the season, with rudimentary formations and suspected fakes omitted.  As in previous seasons again we see some interesting variations on a theme.  With perhaps one or two exceptions I shall resist the temptation to speculate as to the meaning of these messages; as I believe half the fun is figuring out for ourselves, what we think they mean, and the comments section is open for that!

Germany May 18

Marlborough, UK - May 24

Dorset, UK - May 30

Adygea, Russia - June 7

Alessandria, Italy - June 7

Brandenburg, Germany - June 8

Wiltshire, UK - June 9

Sarreborg, France - June 11

Holland - June 15

Wiltshire, UK - June 15   (completed July 7th)

Surrey, UK - June 16   ~   (16 pyramids)

Wiltshire, UK - June 19

Cervia, Italy - June 20

Berlin, Germany - June 22

Somerset, UK - June 22

Sussex, UK - June 22

The Wiltshire Rose - June 22

Sussex, UK - June 22

Piedmont, Italy - June 23

Wiltshire, UK - June 23
(Formation destroyed by farmer - no video)

Wiltshire, UK - June 24
Note resemblance to July 7 formation, same locale

Navarra, Spain - June 25

Pomorskie, Poland - June 30 ~ Flower of Life

Brandenburg, Germany - July 7

Wiltshire, UK - July 7

Near Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK - July 10

Wiltshire, UK - July 14

Oxfordshire, UK - July 15

Bavaria, Germany - July 16

Surrey, UK - July 19

Warwickshire, UK - July 19

Essex, UK - July 21

Barbury Castle, Wiltshire, UK - July 25 - Thunderbird?

Dorset, UK - July 26 ~ Solar System ??

Surrey, UK - July 29

Warwickshire, UK - August 8 ~ another bird?

Wiltshire, UK - August 8 - "Black Sun"
The Black Sun ~ (occult_symbol)

*  *  *
And the  2015 Season Finale ~ "Starfield"

Wiltshire, UK - August 19
Detailed descriptions of this formation

Note the very intricate patterning  in background!
And 9 fold geometry keying off 6,9 & 18.

So, another season of crop formations comes to an end, as always with so many people
wondering what it means; trying to figure it out.  Clearly these are messages; but from who and where?  It might be aliens, or perhaps Gaia herself creating such beauty; or could it be these messages are somehow sent by our future selves, their way of letting us know we made it ?!?

Perhaps earth is just some galactic bulletin board 
where different alien races leave messages for each other.  
We arrogantly insist the messages are intended for us 
despite our inability to understand them.


* * *

* * * * * * * * *  
Rockville California, - 2003

* * * * * * * * *
With so many crop formations being quickly erased by farmers; the work and documentation of field researchers becomes even more valuable.  Please help support their work with donations, 
and by purchasing crop circle related products.


  1. The Feather Serpent will stir in 2016?
    Enki will arrive?

  2. ET children practicing orb technology and crop circles are their science projects. When they confuse and confound the Terrans they get extra bonus points.

  3. It has to do with planetary alignment which will be a point in time where planetary system X arrives and wracks havoc on Earth. Aliens are desperately trying to show us whats coming so soon.
    Somebody smarter, pls figure out the codes in some of the crop circles and post it here. Thx

  4. Lots of things don't make sense in life. Crop circles always do. Mysterious art from space, viewed best from the air. Code in art. Messages of caring for humanity, to guide us to think, to get our collective act together and quick. Just the act of pushing down the plants rather than ripping them up or spraying them with toxic chemicals is a message in itself. Ida, of talktomomz interviewing you is also very soothing, interesting. Thank you for this post.