Monday, April 30, 2018

Narcissist in Chief

 Hilarious Video

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  1. Im still trying to figure out why macron was holding his finger

    1. He was trying to curry favor with Trump is my guess.

  2. I caught myself trying to make sense of the puzzling gesture, obviously trotted out onstage at the globe theater of the absurd for all of us who now merely acquiesce to what cannot possibly be rationally understood, then remembered it wasnt meant to be understood, just accepted as one more piece of the moment by moment evolvement of the new real which never takes a breather. We are left dangling somewhere between heaven and hell as the puppeteers pull our strings to and fro.

    "Let me take you down
    cause Im going to strawberry fields
    nothing is real and nothing to get hung about
    strawberry fields forever"

  3. The Nobel Peace Prize -- means absolutely nothing anymore -- since they gave it to Obama in 2009, his administration dropped over 20,000 bombs

    Now here is this asshole:
    Trump and War: U.S. Is Dropping Almost Three Times as Many Bombs on Afghanistan Compared to 2016