Sunday, April 22, 2018

Two Worlds

Legend of Augureye Express

Arctic Monkeys  ~ Do I want to know?


  1. The first notifications of Augureye Express
    arrive in my inbox since last August
    all the stories in one e-notice
    I focus to avoid the day's news POTUS

    A beautiful life as an act of rebellion
    as far from madness as a planet in aphelion
    how could it be that I'm still alive?
    long ago I left the hive

    'Praying' to trees for the planet itself
    tuck humanity's problems away on a shelf
    live a life where evil is none
    we all know it can be done

  2. This graphic reminds me of a very recent blogpost that describes white holes, the opposite of black holes. There's an illustration therein which resembles this image, which itself reminds me of mitosis, or cell division. I'd gladly see the insane world inhabited by Trumpers and their military madness be pinched off and left behind to stew in their own juices while we drift up and away in a more sane direction. Here's the article, with your permission of course:

  3. I think maybe Gandhi said it best...
    "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

  4. It seems a good time to ponder the seven planes of existence. Lest we get too attached to just one.

    1. Not to mention 11 dimensions and who knows how many parallel worlds!!

  5. Gonna pull out a few Moody Blues LPs