Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Nation of Sheep

By now most of you have likely heard of what transpired on a United Airlines plane in Chicago  yesterday: when a 69 year old doctor was beaten by airline security, then manhandled and physically dragged off the airliner.  It seems the airline had a fully booked aircraft when it was discovered they needed four additional seats to transport four United employees. 

Initially the airline offered up to $800 dollars to passengers willing to take a later flight.  There were no takers, so they decided to let the computer pick four people at random to leave the plane.  Three of them took the hike like peaceful little sheep and deplaned without complaint.  The fourth however, Dr. David Dao had to get to Louisville to treat his patients; and refused to be put off the plane.

It was at this point that the security goons were instructed by someone to physically remove the gentleman from the aircraft; and they did.  He was struck in the mouth and began bleeding from the lip as they dragged him like a duffel bag down the aisle of the plane.  Dr. Dao suffered a concussion, a broken nose, and lost several teeth in the brutal removal process. 

Yes everything about what happened was reprehensible; especially the reaction, or lack thereof, from the remaining passengers.  On the cell phone video taken by a passengers ONE woman can be heard kind of protesting the rough Gestapo like action and it was a chorus of one.  There were a couple of sarcastic wise-ass remarks made, but no real protest.   On a flight so full of humans there was a shocking lack of humanity.  The entire lot of them just sat there and not only watched this crime take place, they allowed it to happen by not standing up in defense of their fellow passenger.  As if filming video was the limit of civic responsibility.

The Silence of the Lambs

I'm really curious, were the other passengers indifferent because Mr. Dao was Asian, or because as well behaved cattle they feared the same treatment?  Yes the fine print in the 'carrier agreement' you sign to get a ticket to fly says the airlines can do pretty much whatever they want to you while on their aircraft; but we know nobody ever reads that stuff, so the passengers weren't silent and compliant because the airline goons were allowed to treat humans like garbage...it's some other reason

They were silent because they were afraid that if they stood against this kind of treatment something as bad or worse might happen to them.  The nail that sticks up gets hammered back down.  It's true, they really have turned us into a nation of sheep, and lamentably there may be no way back for us at this late date. Nation of sheep, ruled by wolves & owned by pigs.

To his credit, Mr. Dao managed to slip back aboard the airliner, determined to not be deprived of what he'd paid for.  I believe the news said he wasn't allowed to remain on the flight.  Now, in the aftermath of this incident we see a flurry of "news" stories all from Dr. Dao's past which all seek to somehow discredit him as a decent human being as if to justify what was done to him.
I have no idea whether any of these allegations about Dr. Dao are true, but it simply doesn't matter.  Nothing from his past has anything whatsoever to do with what happened on that aircraft, period.  Those who dig up & make up such things to publish are not journalists, but rather ghouls who are pushing the party line of totalitarianism as if it was normal and right, which if course it is not.  The only thing Dr. Dao was guilty of was being Vietnamese-American and thinking he had the right to stand up for his rights as a citizen.

This man committed no crime, brought no contraband aboard the plane, and said nothing to bring about his forced, bloody eviction from the plane.  All he did was insist on getting what he paid for, and that got him a beat down...and everyone there just watched.  This is nothing new of course, we humans have a bit of a history of not wanting to get involved: whether we see a beating, or children in public being struck for misbehavior, or a woman being abused in public.  We say it's not our business as an excuse to turn away, avert our gaze and pretend it isn't happening.  

We let these things slide at our peril.  Yes today there is a hue & cry for a boycott against United Airlines, which is good and all that, but what would have been so very much better is if the other passengers had refused to permit the violation of thus man's human and constitutional rights in the first place.  We have to make a stand somewhere, sometime don't we?  It might as well be right when the shit is going down, because the way we are doing things nowadays ensures us that when it is your turn to be dragged away by the Gestapo there will be no one left to complain or protest.  If we do not defend everyone's rights then nobody has any left.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Democracy Dies in Darkness

I had it all worked out in my head, how my new post would once again focus light and criticism upon the foundering Trump regime and it's various keystone cops players. 

It was gonna be funny, I was gonna toss in a generous amount of humor, like "Barbie Hands" is the new POTUS secret service code name, and that Trump refused the tradition of throwing out the first pitch of the baseball season, because his hands are too small to hold a baseball. 

I can't do that post now, maybe not ever, because Donald Trump has once again doubled down on just how low of a lowlife he genuinely is; and I'm no longer in a laughing mood.  Instead of a light hearted, possibly even optimistic bit of comic relief I must now write about what has made my soul vomit.

Trump has always used words and language as a means of attack, to demean and destroy his enemies.  Always before we mostly ignored him, so his vile sputterings caused little real harm.  It's different now that he is the acting president.  He tweets disparaging remarks about a company and their stock drops a few points.  He says offensive things to world leaders who have up till now been allies, and America gets an embarrassing black eye diplomatically.  Trump has now seen how much power his words have, and keeps escalating his rhetoric to create even worse damage such as what we witnessed in horror this week.

On April 1st, Trump publicly states that Syria's dictator Assad should remain in power and not be held responsible for six years of war crimes against his people.
On April 4th Assad again used nerve gas on his own people, killing 80, wounding 300
On April 4th Trump states the Syrian gas attack was Obama's fault.

Donald Trump is responsible for those 80 dead & 300 wounded in Syria.  Without his encouraging words of support and endorsement, would Assad still have launched that attack?  Maybe, it was the third or forth such nerve gas attack in recent weeks. Maybe not!  One thing is very clear, however and that is that days after Trump's appeasement; Assad commits another crime against humanity.  Cause & effect.

This is a milestone in the Trump chronicles that must not be swept away like so many before it.  This is the first time his public statement has directly resulted in 80 people dead in a crime against humanity.  How typical and cowardly of Trump to rush right out after the massacre and cast blame away from himself by accusing his predecessor of being weak.  How typical and cravenly he tried to politicize the attack.  Mr. President, you are a coward.  Simple as that!

Trump is on record as being against any action against Syria.  He even tweeted President Obama, advising against military reprisal.  Of course he doesn't want to act militarily against Syria because they're backed by Russian anti-aircraft units and on scene Russian soldiers and "advisors."  Trump is between a Russian and a hard place on this one, especially considering his bromance with Vladimir Putin.  What will Trump do, dangers abound no matter how he decides.  Perhaps he will pass this one off on his multi-tasking son-in-law.

 It matters not a single whit that Trump announced on Wednesday April 5th that he had changed his mind about Syria and Assad; that was his handlers feeding him sound bytes for the lamestream press.  Trump had but a single chance to be on the right side of history but he wasted his opportunity by trying to cast blame elsewhere. 

My biggest concern here is now that Trump has seen just how powerful his words are; he will conjure up a new grouping of words to see if he can increase the body count.  That's the thing about these narcissistic war mongers; they are addicted to the bloodsport of carnage, and motivated by getting a higher body count than the other despot dictators, and as with everything else, Trump wants more, his must be the bigly best body count.

"Is it progress if the cannibal uses a fork?"
                                                 ~ Stanislaw Jerzy Lec ~

Adding to the formula for disaster Trump is meeting with the President of China, who he accused of raping the United States; which Trump considers to be his job.  I wonder if they'll shake hands.

Trumps administration is fast becoming a dumpster fire with all the scandalous leaks, and flagrant violations of laws & traditions serving as background music for Russiagate.  So many protested so loudly that Steve Bannon was finally kicked off national security council, good riddance.  Little victories.  They'll all add up.

Another one bites the dust.  Investigator Nunes just resigned today amid all the bad press about his breaking bad.  Next we must push for Jeff Sessions to resign in disgrace and return to 1959.  Bad enough he lied under oath to congress and all of us Americans, but now he's talking about coming for my medical marijuana too.  He has to go, or he will drag us all back to 1959 with him. Little victories.  They're dropping like flies.

Trump, the brooding tyrant-in-the-making strolls thru the white house in his clown like seven foot long red tie and Darth Vader like coat which conceals both his bulk and barbed prehensile tail!  He is followed close behind by the scurrying little feet of his feral yes men & nay sayers who share the duty of not letting any reality seep into the dark & putrid  bubble that is Trumpland: the place democracy went to die. 

Some experts are saying that Donald Trump is actually anosognosic, which is a kind of reality denial brain disorder.  Woodrow Wilson suffered from it, and some historians think it led to WW2

In the professional wrestling industry there is a kind of code word among the participants and insiders, "Kayfabe."  It means that everybody is keeping the same secrets, everybody reads off the same talking points...everybody works to sustain the illusion of real.  Kayfabe, kinda almost sounds like pig latin for fake...and that is exactly what is going on with the dumpster fire that is the Trump abomination.

"Follow the trail of dead Russians"
                                      ~ Clint Watts ~

So, 15 thousand Russian trolls were spreading fake news and conspiracy theories, sometimes directly tweeting to Trump when they knew he was online, all trying to effect our election.  Turns out quite a few people on team Trump had some curious and illegal contacts with Russian spies; and most of them also spoke repeatedly with the same Russian diplomat.  The more Trump attempts to conceal the depth of his connections to Russia, the more facts tumble to the surface and more of this smelly iceberg can be seen.

One Trump son states they have a great many business deals on going with Russia, that they have a lot of money flowing in from Russia.  The other Trump son claims they have no business associations with Russia at all? 
Since the day Trump was elected, six soviet diplomats have turned up dead and apparently each time one died; Trump took off to Mar a Lago for a weekend of golfing paid for by American taxpayers.  If he is so filthy rich and can afford to finance his own  campaign and turn down his government paycheck; then how come he can't pay for his own vacations?  Each needless trip to Mar a Lago in Florida costs the American taxpayers 3.5 million dollars.  Adding insult to injury, while there he always dines in his own restaurant so we are actually paying Trump to eat in his own restaurant. 

Not only does Trump run off to Florida seemingly every weekend to golf, he also insists upon hosting foreign dignitaries there as well.  When one considers that Camp David was built for that expressed, exact purpose, it just seems like a real intentional slap in the face followed by the single finger salute every weekend when Trump flies south.  And no, you aren't loosing your mind, Trump actually said many times that he would seldom leave the white house and seldom take time off.  Narcissistic liar.   

Trump invents new wild claim that Obama wiretapped him during campaign; in order to draw attention away from Russiagate scandal. Unfortunately for Trump it seems to be having the opposite effect.  One or more of our on-going spying operations listening in on Russian conversations have discovered several calls with Trump on the other end of the line.

"America First" isn't Trump's rally cry...it's Putin's!

I really dislike the popular trend of belittling Trump voters & supporters as a group by calling them stupid etc.  Firstly it serves no good purpose to do so, just further alienates the various factions which is the opposite of the unity we so desperately need just now.  Secondly I do not believe as many voted for the orange turd blossom as the record indicates.  They cooked the books. There was so much dicking around with the election between the democrats doing it, the republicans doing it and the Russians doing it as well... the old adage still holds; "Too many cooks spoil the soup." 

Trump celebrated the 100th anniversary of America entering into world war one by dropping a 59 cruise missile response to Syrian atrocities.  No doubt a photo-op cooked up with Putin to make Trump appear strong.  Trump is just too much of a coward to risk killing any of Putin's soldiers, so they struck a deal.  "Just leave the runways alone."

So Trump gets to look good while getting rid of 95 million bucks worth of aging Tomahawk missiles.  I saw that sadistically evil smile on his face as he announced the strike on Syria, he was having himself a wargasm right there on camera, just contemplating what the total body count would be, come morning.

This whole sordid affair was cooked up as pure street theater to pull the worlds attention away from "Russiagate" and the raging dumpster fire that is the Trump presidency.  This is just exactly what Trump needed to regain the confidence of his base supporters.  The problem arises if and when Trump decides that if a little of this kind of glue is good, more must certainly be better.  What happens when the morning body count inspires still greater actions and even more corpses.  We need to remember that this is the same man who wanted missile parades, and asked "why we don't use nukes if we have them."  Yes, remember that every day!

With so many bad actors on the world stage it is fairly certain that nothing is as it seems and that goes for this whole Syria story as well.  There is no way to tell what the real actual truth of the matter is but you can bet it ain't being delivered on the TV by talking heads reading from todays talking points.

"You Want it Darker,
We Kill the Flame..."
                            ~Leonard Cohen~

Have you noticed how it is that everything Trump does is in the shadows.  Hides his taxes and lies about being audited; hell, he lies about everything.  He does the exact opposite of what he promises, and never gives specific answers to any question.  There is a decided darkness to how this one does business, and indeed, who he is in business with.  He doesn't want you to know because he thrives in secrecy.  Mushrooms, mold and fungus all thrive in darkness, but democracy dies in it. 

Democracy needs the light of day at high noon, transparency and accountability in order to thrive.  When deprived of these necessities democracy begins to erode into something more like Kleptocracy.  With Donald Trump's ascension to the presidency American democracy has slipped to it's lowest ever ebb tide.  What will be left when the pirates & plunder monkeys are all done?  That's a good question and the answer could get complicated because of so many moving parts.  At times like these the ancients would consult with an augur to cast the auspices for the future; what we would call looking for omens.

Well I am an augur and do I have an omen for your consideration!  On the same day that Trump gave his address to congress and the American people; no fewer than 25 tornadoes erupted across eight Midwestern states.  I'm thinking here that was an actual act of God speaking out against Trump omen.

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Michael Franti - "Good to be Alive today"

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Sovereign Souls~part 2

In a recent post I examined how in reality, we are captured by a system which keeps us working towards goals and agendas not our own, in effect, wage slaves.  Because we cannot break free from our need for that which our owners control, the flow of money.  Not unlike hamsters in a cage; we run our own rat race over & over without a lot to show for it; but it keeps us busy and distracted from the reality of our situation.

For over 30 million people there is no such luxury of diversion, they must consciously live each moment of their lives without any of the things we consider essential for life, because they are the victims of human trafficking.  Right now, here today on this planet; there are more humans in slavery than in the 300 year history of the Atlantic slave trade!

Human trafficking is a global phenomenon which is fueled by poverty, gender discrimination and plain old greed.  Slavery generates over 32 Billion dollars globally each year.  Recent studies estimate that 26% of slaves are under the age of 18, and that as many as 50% of commercially sexually exploited children are boys.

There are basically five types of human trafficking which occur every day around the world: Forced labor, the white sex slave trade, the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation. Then there is debt bondage, and trafficking for organ removal.

Forced Slave Labor:
Those sold into a life of forced labor and no hope of freedom; until the sweet release of death.  In this part of the flesh trade they seek out and exploit the strong, poor and uneducated with "paying work" which soon becomes forced labor.  This includes the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain some kind of labor or commercial sex act.  While there may not be chains and cages in a literal sense; most of these slaves are kept in line thru violence and intimidation. 

In Indonesia huge illegal commercial fishing fleets are operated by slave labor.  The crews are seldom if ever paid the wages promised, and in many cases are kept at sea being shuttled from boat to boat which prevents escape.  Early immigrants to America were often tricked into forced labor working for "the company" or "the store" which always arranged it so the workers debt to the company for room and board amounted to equal what was owed in wages, making it impossible for workers to either get ahead or leave.  Sound at all familiar, does it?

Migrant workers have always had to suffer through whatever changing and often brutal conditions awaited them in the fields.  You just go along to get along; and hope not to get a beat down or worse.  All of these atrocities are taking place you know, after slavery was made illegal.

White Slavers:
Next there is the white sex slave trade: wherein Caucasian girls, boys and young women are literally abducted right off the street to never be seen by family again.  Unlike a traditional prostitution operation, white slavers are looking for very specific types of people because they are shopping.  White slavers are the personal shoppers of the most depraved examples of humanity you can ever imagine. 

In the white slave trade, young blonde, blue eyed American girls and women are the most sought after prize, and fetch the highest price.  Sometimes actual slave auctions are conducted in lavish accommodations, with each slave going to the highest bidder. Usually such a sex slave is sold or bartered several times before they're no longer acceptable because of damage from abuse. 

65% to 80% of trafficked girls have Aids/HIV and some contract several STD's at once.  It is quite common for white slavery victims to be beaten and tortured both physically and mentally, to break their spirit and to control them thru brutality.  Unfortunately the life expectancy can be short for white slaves as insatiable appetites desire the young, fresh and terrified.  This means that young white girls and women are always at risk for abduction because the white slave trade runs on a constant supply of fresh meat, just like the cows, fish or any other livestock sold in bulk. 

Child Trafficking:
There perhaps is nothing in this world more depraved than the trafficking of children for commercial sexual exploitation.  This goes way beyond the traditionally envisioned plight of kidnapped children by a sole deviant pedophile and includes children abducted for use in mass produced commercial gay and pedophile sex videos.  

Children go missing in the blink of an eye from crowded public places way too frequently, which is what inspired the practice of putting their photos on milk cartons in hopes that someone recognizes them and calls authorities.  Unfortunately, when these children have exceeded their usefulness they are quite often simply killed and deposited in an unmarked grave.  Sometimes these abducted and abused children survive into adulthood damaged and scarred so badly that they themselves become abusers, and possibly even abductors. 

Then of course there are entire cults based upon the lifelong sexual abuse of children such as the infamous Children of God pedophile cult from the 60's which still operates today as the Family.*  I suppose that tells us something important about our species; that a pedophile cult can operate freely for forty years without law enforcement worries.  I don't want to believe that this is who we really are, but the evidence does seem to point solidly in that direction, and directly at us as a species.  Why do we allow this?

Debt Bondage:
The forth type of human trafficking is Debt Bondage, or "bonded labor" which occurs when a person or group of people are bound into "involuntary servitude" to pay off a debt or other obligation.  In these scenarios the amount owed and duration of labor are usually undefined, unspecified or it keeps changing to keep the slaves in bondage.

Organ Removal:
Human trafficking for organ removal is the newest wrinkle in the shadowy world of kidnap for profit.  It began as what some thought was a new urban legend about someone being slipped a mickey in the bar only to wake up in a bathtub full of ice, with a hangover and a set of fresh stitches where their kidney once was.  Those were the early days where folks were lucky.  Nowadays the practice has advanced and become more efficient which often leaves the unwilling donor dead in a dumpster in the alley.

In recent years inner city gangs have discovered the lucrative flesh trade market to be one of low risk and high reward; and have added human trafficking to their list of illicit modes of income.  Phoenix, Arizona is the kidnap capitol of the united states with over 370 cases just last year. That rate is higher than anywhere except Mexico city.

597,000 people are kidnapped every year by non family members, at a national rate of 2000 disappearances a day!  The overwhelming majority of these people are never seen again by their friends and family.  In America, there are as many as 100,000 active missing person cases at any given time. 

Aside from and different than commercial human trafficking, is the equally horrible plight of women held as sexual prisoners in private residences all over America, and the world.  Every so often someone escapes from such conditions to reveal that in fact; monsters live among us.  These monsters don't abduct women and children for profit but rather their own sick, perverted pleasure.  Sometimes the psychological control over such victims is so great that their captors even take them out into the world they were taken from, confident and assured they won't try to escape or elicit help!

Every single time this happens, when the reporters interview the neighbors it's the same story.  Model neighbors, kept to themselves, and nobody ever saw or heard anything strange or odd.  In America this phenomenon is like an iceberg; we only see the tip of the problem, with untold thousands more we never hear about until it's too late.

Yet another type of slavery is domestic bondage; where a woman stays in a relationship only because she fears injury or even death if she tries to escape.  There are two distinct types of domestic bondage.  One is born out of misogyny where the wife is intimidated and controlled throughout  the marriage because insecure men fear their women will find someone better and leave, so they make them emotional prisoners.  Children in the home are used as pawns by such men.  Fear of harm to self and child makes many women into emotional and psychological slaves as well as physically.  The strongest chains are unseen. 

The other type of domestic bondage is when sexual predators/pedophiles find a victim particularly appealing, and they desire them.  It's not enough to just sexually abuse underage girls, they must possess them through forced marriage, with shame and intimidation being the glue that holds it together.  Many times these forced marriages last decades, resulting in children born into the situation who are then in turn abused and made psychological captives.  Living a life of fear with zero self esteem is all these girls and women know in many cases; and only the very strong and the very fortunate manage to endure and survive escape somehow.  The vast majority never do because it's a taboo subject in 'polite society' and nobody wants to know.

As sovereign souls, we are all connected to each other on an energetic level; although we've been conditioned not to be aware of that fact, and programmed to forget everything the soul knows about self-empowerment and enlightenment.  This connection we all share is why we can have empathy for strangers we don't know who suffer tragedy in some form or another.  It's why we pull together in times of unexpected emergency; it's why we run into burning buildings to rescue people trapped inside.  We do such things and even greater not out of some vague sense that we must or should; but because we feel that connection in our heart chakra.  Deep down inside, in the silence at the heart of things, we all KNOW that inside of every other human being there is another US.

Warriors of Light
 It's a hard but necessary thing to say, that women; young girls & boys in our society will continue to be targeted and taken to feed the flesh trade.  Needless to say, the subject of human trafficking is not one that lends itself to polite conversation among friends. It has joined the growing list of things going on that must not be discussed openly and that just plays into the hands of the traffickers.  Because so very often those who pay the traffickers are in the upper layers of society and politics; human trafficking is financed from the very highest levels.  Those whose sick perversions drive a high desire for fresh and unspoiled victims; will never allow the human trafficking trade to be stopped.  It will continue unabated as it has for centuries and there seems little we can do to end the practice.

If this problem is too ugly and perverted to engage on the physical plane, then we must engage it in the energetic ethereal plane of our dreams, nightmares and meditations.  We need to kick it up a level and put out a call for warriors of light.

In our prayers and meditations we can program thought forms empowering for the release of all souls in bondage and send them back to the planetary grid, that web of energy which connects us all as sovereign souls. 

We can work as individuals in unison without ever knowing or speaking to each other; it's all done energetically on the astral plane, in the ethereal realm.  Working alone but together we can send a tsunami of white light and prayers for our brothers and sisters in captivity.

We can also reach out with our energy and intent to connect with trafficked humans around the world, sending them white light for strength and perhaps messages of hope.  Just for a moment picture yourself in their situation, and think about what kind of energy you'd most want from all of us "free" slaves; then send them that. 

The Hopi Indians of the American southwest have one of the most beautiful of spoken languages.  They have a word, Powaqqatsi (pronounced: Pow-a-gatsi)  which when translated to English means "Parasitic way of life" which perfectly describes what life on planet earth has become. 

We are a captured species, but only the 30 million trafficked human slaves really understand that.  The rest of us go thru our daily lives thinking we're free because the strongest chains are unseen.  Because we choose not to perceive that we are without chains yet still in bondage.

From human trafficking down to predatory business tactics life is indeed parasitic; with the very worst of us owning the rest of us in every way that matters.  Why do we permit this system to exist which always places profit over people?  Why don't we have a voice in whether our food contains GMO toxins?  Why do our protests never seem to bring about change?  As the late Bill Hicks asked; "Why do we always kill the good guys, and let the monsters run amok?"  Ironically a single truth answers all of those questions ...

Slavery was never abolished, it was just expanded to include everybody.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sovereign Souls

Some days the gravity of depression makes just getting out of bed seem like a major accomplishment.  It's the certain knowing that the yesterday's terrors still await; just beyond the veil of slumber, whether they be personal, national or worldwide. 

Willing or not we arise each day nonetheless to face anew demons both known and unknown, and give it our best shot once again.  Whether the demons are with us or against us matters little because we seem to have collectively chosen to forget that this isn't how it's supposed to be; this is not who we are.

 We are gradually, grudgingly remembering something of our true selves, our true nature as sovereign souls but we don't always recognize or trust our senses because the memories are filtering through generations of programming by those who wish to control and enslave us for fun and profit.

 We arrive here with free will and precious little memory of before; and from the moment of our birth all that starts to fade away.  We're each given a name, race, religion, and nationality all of which is just a false identity imprinted upon us which we are expected to defend for the rest of our life.  The system is so diabolical that it doesn't even need to constantly keep the pressure on us to conform; we do that for them thru peer pressure, because the very worst thing is to be an outsider, belonging to no distinct group.

How about we take a closer look at what being a sovereign soul means so that we all go forward with the same definition.  There is the common definition of sovereign which relates to a monarch, or ruler of a land which when applied spiritually to an individual simply means we are the "masters of our fate and the captain of our souls" as William E. Henley wrote in Invictus.*

The dictionary goes on to further define sovereign as possessing supreme or ultimate power, unlimited, unrestricted, boundless, unconditional and superlative in quality!  Having sovereign power over our Self means that we enjoy the autonomy of independence and undisputed ascendancy.  Or at least we are supposed to, but as I look around me I see damn few of us living our lives that way.  In fact, modern society is designed and structured to prevent us from remembering who we really are and why we're all here at this critical time in history.

Some might reply that every individual living their fullest potential as a sovereign soul wouldn't work because everyone would be their own deity.  Exactly!  That is the expressed meaning in the greeting Namaste, "I salute the God within you."  It really is as simple as that.  The only reason to complicate or obfuscate the matter is to trick us into giving our power away to others so that they can in turn control us, robbing us of our dignity as sovereign souls. 

Our sovereignty as souls was stolen from us so long ago that we simply don't remember anything else, which is why we tacitly accept what we have today as 'reality' when it is the farthest thing from it; and in the silence at the heart of things we know that.  Those who seek our conformity and silent acceptance of things do not want us applying concepts such as unlimited, unrestricted, boundless, unconditional and autonomy to ourselves lest we become awake; and aware of our true heritage of being sovereign spirits.  Sovereignty is the very essence of Freedom; and is exactly why we are not allowed to live according to our spiritual preferences. 

 We are here to live in balanced harmony with the planet, not to rape it and strip it bare of its treasures, destroying the environment in the process, just so the self appointed shepherds can live in uncontrolled luxury.  In the silence at the heart of things, we know this, and yet we never speak out; as if we've long ago given up any hope of anything better than what little is offered to us, afraid of losing it.

Time after time we bear silent witness to the atrocities committed by the powerful in pursuit of ever more control, ever more riches.  We've turned our gaze and thoughts away for so very long, insulated by geography, that we can only gaze in silent horror now that the atrocities have come home to America.  The fact that humanity has to clarify that any lives matter should be concern enough that we are very far away from where we should be.  Yet we humans seem to harbor a deep seated hatred of our own kind which is evident from even a cursory glance thru our history on this planet. 

"You want change without sacrifice, you want peace with no struggle,
the world doesn't work like that" 
~David, (the Divergent series)~

It's a simple formula that's been working for centuries.  First our self appointed leaders convince us that we need them.  Then they point out those who are different, & decree that they are the enemy coming to take all your stuff; and keep us at each others throats fighting their wars of  conquest, control and riches.  Somehow, we never seem to catch on to the game.  We're never given even the slightest chance to call a worldwide 'time out' to discuss things among ourselves.  Our sovereignty has been stolen, and we've been enslaved without bars & chains so we think we are free; yet in the silence at the heart of things we know that we are not.

 In every single aspect of our lives we are separated, categorized and designated as belonging to at least one group or another, with many of us occupying two or more groups; such as a woman who is a mother and also a CEO of a business.  We are divided into groups by income, religion, ethnicity, and gender.  We are encouraged and often rewarded for staying within our given social strata when it in the upper percentages, while those in the lower social strata of "urban" environments are intimidated and forced to stay within theirs.  This is perhaps the oldest of the caste systems, the haves vs the have nots."

As the late George Carlin so wisely noted: "In America we have a 3 class system.  You have the upper class who own all the property and control all the money; then you have the middle class who do all of the work for very little money.  Then you have the lower class, the poor, whose function is to scare the shit out of the middle class."  That is exactly how the "system" is designed to work.  It isn't broken as politicians always claim in false dismay; it's working exactly the way it is intended to function, and by now I believe most of us understand that no amount of voting is going to change anything.

This system takes an increasing toll on us as we constantly struggle to keep head above water and loved ones safe from harm.  Having to pretend that the everyday mundane world is in any way normal tends to turn us a bit neurotic the longer we live with the dichotomy.  As a result we humans show a pronounced need for our little psychological crutches whatever they may be: cigarettes, drink, smoking cannabis, sex, sports, or just   schadenfreude.  Sometimes the crutches manifest as music, reading, hobbies, television, shopping, surfing the internet, multi-tasking or just plain busy work.  Anything to prevent us being alone with our own thoughts for more than a few minutes.

Perhaps because of  spiritual neurosis we humans show a marked capacity for enduring life long bouts with low self esteem, at the very least.  To avoid this; some elect to excel at everything they do, which is just playing into the grand design.  Our self-anointed rulers invented competition as a means to keep us challenging each other instead of them.  Others among us are not so resilient, or able to process & integrate the increasing madness in open society, so they sometimes act out just to maintain whatever grip they have on reality.  Along with competition amongst ourselves, the overlords came up with a blueprint for our care & feeding which we call the rat race.

The Rat Race & 3 Circles of Choice

 First we're fed this disgusting notion that our existence is all for the sake of progress and unlimited, unchecked growth of business and financial kingdoms; everything comes after that in priority, especially us!  To facilitate this we were given the 40 hour work week with a two week vacation every year, maybe.  It is cleverly disguised in such a way as to give workers the illusion of promotion & advancement within the company, which always seems to go to the less deserving kiss asses.

To reach the financial security and "good life" of the upper eschelon one must scramble every day because on this playing field the competition is nothing if not brutal.  Once there you are always on guard for some aggressive and bold move on your job by any number of other workers, nothing is guaranteed, hence the rat race.

In the workplace, career and life in general, about the most important tool one has is their decision making skill.  Good choices can make things easier, while bad ones can haunt us for years, if not a lifetime.  When it comes to making our decisions, we find that choice comes in three distinct & concentric circles with us in the center.  The first circle of choice is the closest to us as it represents short term day to day, mundane choices.  The second circle of choice is further out and represents intermediate decisions over a range of months and consists primarily of planning and strategy, etc.  The third circle of choice represents our long range goals that the intermediate choices hopefully bring to us.

Our problems tend to arise when we make our career choices within the limited sphere of probability we're offered.  Major pressure is put upon us to be winners all the time at every thing we attempt.  Of course it isn't logical but when has that ever stopped us from folly?  In the workplace and in professional careers this rush to be number one, to be a winner is unrelenting, and for most of us unbearable.  We must decide how we will deal with this on a daily basis, smack in the middle of the first circle of choice

"Every birth is an act of violence, every death, is a suicide;
in-between we are the slaves of lies"

Nobody sets out to be a total loser, so we rule that out right away.  The trouble is that being a winner constantly at the top of the heap is exhausting, expensive and really hard on relationships, and it sucks!  For the majority it's just too much stress trying to win the rat race; that in our subconscious mind we make that first level decision to not make the effort to always be a winner, and to not be a loser either.  We make the unconscious choice to just glide thru life somewhere between being a "winner" and being a "loser" and that one choice limits & cripples every choice that comes after; because no second or third level choices can exceed limits set on the first level.

This is exactly how so many have short circuited their own success in life.  Even if you come to have the necessary skills and experience to excel and be a "winner," that first level choice will always prevail and snatch victory from your grasp. 

The same thing can happen with our emotions if we aren't being aware.  Again we have a situation where our choices are often influenced by peer pressure.  One or two painful sojourns in the world of romance can cause us humans to protect ourselves from another such experience.  In one extreme, we don't think we deserve a healthy loving relationship and sentence ourselves to a life of solitude. 

On the opposite end of extreme are those who remain in a toxic relationship for years believing they deserve nothing better. That old low self esteem thing again. Then there are those who move from one relationship to another, and then another like butterflies sampling a field of flowers; all to keep from feeling that hurt again.  Insulated and alone even in a crowd.

In Lak'ech ~ Ala K'in

There is an ancient Mayan traditional greeting known as In Lak'ech-Ala K'in which translated to English means roughly "I am another You-You're another Me."  This was their way of always honoring the sovereign soul that abides within each of us.  It served to remind the individual that no matter the circumstances, what he does to others he does also to himself.  We have lost that knowledge because we have lost our way.

We have been so caught up in the games of the great shining lie for so long now that we're on the verge of losing our sense of humanity.  All of the truly nasty things which turn our stomachs and sicken our souls has been amplified (with the horror factor ratcheted up) by our traverse through 4th dimensional time-space.  We are living in the last days of the Kali Yuga, burning out the negative dichotomies of the Piscean age as the fledgling era of Aquarius gets it's legs and wits about it.  Call it the cleansing rinse of a 26,000 year cosmic cycle that both the Hindu and Mayan knew about.

Just today in conversation with a friend, we acknowledged how badly the dark ages set us back.  Almost a thousand years without any scientific advancement whatsoever, and generations living only to exist another day, with medicine considered witchcraft.  Without the dark ages we might very well have cured cancer and have people living on the moons of Saturn.  In some very real ways we are on the cusp of a new dark age all over again.  Only time will tell if we will actually allow them to walk us backwards for a thousand years.

One of the things used to separate us from our past as sovereign souls and prevent us from remembering it; is something called forbidden archaeology.  Just as there are many things and subjects we're not permitted to know today; the exact same holds for the ancient past on this planet.  Great effort has been, and shall continue to be made to conceal from the general public the existence of many "lost" civilizations throughout history.  Civilizations which possessed technology superior to what we have today are not lost, knowledge of them is forbidden.  Ruins of a great ancient city have been discovered in recent years deep in the waters near Cuba, with very little news reporting.

If we were allowed access to such information it would enable us to readily see that in the distant past humans were more advanced with superior technology than what exists today.  Even history which is not forbidden talks of great science & weapons; such as the Indian Mahabharata.  We have been hand fed just what knowledge we're supposed to have which has filled our heads with revisionist history and outright lies.  Knowledge is power, which is exactly why things operate as they do. 

Meanwhile at Standing Rock, North Dakota; politicians & corporations are working together to poison native American tribal water supplies; because none of the white communities wanted the toxic risk in their neighborhood, just a few miles away.  Total disregard for human life and the environment just to make some damn money. 

In Oak Flat, Arizona the government is trying to sell sacred tribal lands to mining corporations despite a strong tribal push back and protest.  Outright theft of native American lands, still going on today.  Why do we still allow such things?  Why do we just turn a blind eye and ear every time.  Perhaps a far better question is, who do we expect will stand up in outrage when they come for us?  That's a thought to ponder.

Europe is experiencing a historic refugee crisis with people fleeing from various mid-east war zones.  Some countries are welcoming the refugees with open hearts and arms, to feed and shelter them, while many others refuse to help.  It shouldn't matter what ethnicity refugees are; yet so many countries blatantly refuse to help Muslim refugees in any way.  Where is the humanity?  There is no rational or moral reason for refusing aid to Muslim refugees, only fear and racist rhetoric, that's all. 

Yet when Trump first decreed his illegal/immoral Muslim travel ban, I witnessed the news coverage of Americans in Airports forming a human shield to protect Muslims who were in prayer for their families safety.  Sovereign souls know no ethnic or political boundaries, nor do they tolerate racism & bigotry.   

We're all the same, we all bleed the same red blood.

Unfortunately this thinking is not prevalent with those in power around this planet, as slavery and human trafficking continue to be thriving occupations; and wherever you go human dignity is dismissed as humans are slaughtered by the hundreds every day as if they are livestock.

There is the deep internet where one can go to purchase anything from illicit drugs to assassinations for hire, that has been getting some news recently; and it is simply the internet for those in real life who sell humans into slavery as if selling a cow or chicken.
The deep internet, sometimes also called dark-net is not just a reflection of the worst side of humanity, I believe it was also created by them, and their kind; it's simply an extension of the black market and shadow economy.

As recently as 1830, the New York trading houses commonly backed financial deals with slaves, not currency.  In a very real sense, slavery built America.  In addition to slavery being rampant in the south, many American cities were built with deals that were backed by slaves somewhere in the mix. 

All of that was possible because people with black skin were thought by whites to be inferior in every way, and not worthy of the same life and liberty enjoyed by their owners.  In point of fact, google "cornerstone speech" and you will very plainly see that the entire concept and reality of the confederate states was founded upon the wrong-headed notion that Negroes are inferior to white skinned people. 

Almost 200 years after slaves were considered as currency in New York we are still dealing with the same pig headed thinking that has caused so much misery and hatred on this planet.  Slavery wasn't abolished, it was just made illegal; the thinking behind it is what remains, and it always finds a way around the law.  Until the concept of In Lak'ech-Ala K'in lives in every human heart on the planet, we will still be held back from our Noetic destiny by those who only know hate and intolerance.  

Our destiny as a nation my have just abruptly changed for the worse with the racist hater Trump in charge.  The budget suggestions he just handed congress included many billions for defense, and a slashed budget for social programs and the arts & humanities funding. 

Clearly humanity has a lot of work to do in several areas before we overcome intolerance, hatred and greed.  There are those who desire to help fix these social problems by making us all equal thru technology, the transhumanism crowd who just can't wait till we all have implants and think the same thoughts.  We can always tell when a concept is gaining ground with the ruling class because movies and TV shows about it begin popping up.  Films like "Prometheus" along with televised series like "Westworld" and "Humans" all center on the common theme of taking the sovereign soul right out of the equation.  Just one of the nastier side effects of technology addiction.

Corporations have become voracious raptors; infecting humans with insatiable greed and the ability to justify anything with three little words: "It's just business" - as if business was nothing but a brand new fluffy & toothless puppy dog.  The assimilation that became the military-industrial-complex which departing president Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech has since taken over the world. 

Corporations even have the utter audacity of demanding they be granted all the same rights as a human person!  Well, I think that by now we all understand that no corporation has a soul, so just how the hell can it be a 'person'?  Even this simple basic truth is ignored by all, and corporations got what they wanted, status of personhood in the legal system.

Anything our leaders don't want us knowing or learning about is simply ignored in the American media, which is owned by just six companies.  As example; the two biggest stories currently under US news blackout are Fukushima, and the populist revolution in Iceland.  They really don't want us reading about how Iceland has effectively taken their country back from big banks and corporations.  They don't want us knowing that in a free democracy, we the people still means something.

If we sovereign souls are enslaved by anything today it is money; because we need it to live and survive.  So in that regard we are at the whim of those who control the flow of money.  We willingly wear the symbols of servitude, the business suit and tie, the uniform of the corporate slave, ever reluctant to break the bonds of fashion set by those in control.  Origin of the business tie goes back to the mercenaries hired by King Louis the 13th during France's 30 years war; who wore colored pieces of cloth around their neck as part of their uniform.  King Louie liked the look so much he made it mandatory at all formal gatherings, and the rest is history.  

So; our quest for money for survival includes wearing the approved uniform of the era; but it is the need for that money which enslaves us, and controls our behavior.  We can trace this need for money all the way back to the Chinese Mongol King, Kublai  Khan, (grandson of Genghis Khan) who was the first to introduce the concept of paper money to take the place of gold & silver coins.  He simply decreed that "paper was the new gold" and those who refused to accept this were killed. 

These days those who refuse to use paper currency are not put to death so much as they are forgotten by a system which runs on that paper money.  You might also run into some difficulty if you took all your paper money and tried to turn it in for the gold that supposedly backs it.  Just like in Kublai Khan's time we're forced into a false economic system whether we like it or not.  Forced by both tradition and peer pressure to conform to the all prevailing system because "it's only business" after all.  We sacrifice all our hopes and dreams upon the altar of consumerism and business as dutiful worker drones of the great shining lie. 

It is not by error or mistake that life in the system leaves no time for us to pursue the benefits of being sovereign souls.  Just as we are allowed the freedom to wear whatever necktie we want, we're also permitted to belong to any of the approved organized religions as long as it involves giving all your power away.

The power of a sovereign soul must be formidable for there to be so much energy put into denying it's existence.  Ever notice how there always seems to be some horrible fate or spiritual penalty for not believing the same way as the majority do?  The system demands our conformity and the church insists we should be humble in supplication.   I've always had a problem with how every religion insists that their way is the only way.  It has always bothered me that some 2000 years ago God's son said we should love one another; and ever since we've been killing one another over how he said it.  I'm pretty sure that isn't what he had in mind!

The system fills our heads with the idea that there is never enough to go around, and that only the hardest working will gain the rewards of status & wealth. They hold that carrot just out of reach while they smack our subconscious with the stick to keep us motivated enough to keep running the rat race, thinking we'll get ahead.  We're conditioned to see everyone as our competitor, they play on our trust issues and feed our fears.

Even if we resist all these pressures of the modern world we still see those around us who are always negative and full of ulterior motives.  People who use passive aggressive manipulation to not just get their way, but to get ahead of the other rats in the race.  This is not to say that one who has discovered their sovereign soul nature cannot thrive in the everyday mundane business world, just the opposite.  When you know you are a sovereign soul it then becomes much easier to work around the pitfalls of conformity.

On an everyday basis we only see one side of the other people we interact with, that side of them they feel comfortable with others seeing, their social mask.  To see beyond this social mask you either need to know one another over a long time; or see them when disaster strikes.  In our everyday mode of conformity we can become untrusting and even self centered.  When some disaster or other emergency strikes however, that is when we shine our brightest.  All the fake everyday mundane stuff falls away and the sovereign soul emerges, out of necessity.  Unfortunately, once the emergency has subsided we slip back into that everyday survival mode. 

Our pre-determined way of life is structured by those who control the money and make the rules.  If we are very fortunate we can find a way of making money within this system by doing what we love; but for the majority I feel that is something only dreamed about.  No matter how hard we work, there always seem to be obstacles which prevent us from accruing a meaningful savings or actually achieving our dreams.  Those obstacles are built into the system for exactly that function.  Somehow, the more money we make, the more it takes to live; the higher our tax rate is, and the more frequent our financial emergencies become.   That I suspect, is why we call it the rat race.

"Light up the Darkness"
                                 ~Bob Marley~

So how do we go about reclaiming our spiritual sovereignty?  Alas there may be no perfect answer to that question as we're each unique sovereign souls; and each with vastly differing situations & life experience.  Of course the first thing that may come to mind is protest.  The fact that those in power generally ignore protest should not deter us from committing to that tactic, as it has been known to work quite well in many instances. 

Speaking of committing to the tactic: in the last eight years 146 Tibetan monks have self-immolated in protest.  That is taking the tactic of protest to the ultimate spiritual level possible.  To destroy ones mortal self rather than endure conditions that crush the soul.

Short of following the Tibetan monks example, what can we do?

Well for one we can protest often and loudly against the things that make our souls sick.  These days that alone could be a full time profession if only it included a paycheck; being that there is no shortage of things and people to protest.

We can spiritually network with other awake, like minded souls both in our daily lives and through social media.  This cannot be stressed enough, as the famous Arab spring revolutions of 2011 were made possible thru the use of social media; and the reason why dictators always seek to shut down internet access to suppress the ideology of the sovereign souls demanding justice and equality. 

We can also take the fight directly into the spiritual realm within our own spiritual practice.  Meditation can do wonders for relieving the daily stress and keeping our connection with the divine strong.  Jnana: is a Sanskrit term for knowledge acquired through meditation which transcends this mundane plane of earthly existence. We then take that information gained in meditation, and apply it to our waking life.

In our waking life we can also refuse to support that which is destroying us.  Refuse to purchase products from corporations that destroy the environment.  Refuse to purchase GMO foods that poison your family.  We can stop the silent tacit approval crap and stand up for the kind of world we want.  Believe me, if we do not do this, nobody will do it for us, that you can count on.

It's clear to see the prevailing corporate system is failing, and falling apart.  We must see that destruction through to it's logical conclusion, then scrape away all trace of it, and start over.

 No, that will not be easy, just necessary; and it will call for an entirely new, equable system based upon such arcane concepts as truth and justice.  All the chaos and carnage in the world right now is just the Kali Yuga burning away a paradigm that is no longer sustainable.  This 4th dimensional transit is here to pave the way for a higher, more spiritual epoch where the sovereign soul is not beaten into conformity to serve the state. 

We are coming into a time of unprecedented enlightenment, but we're not there yet.  We are not here to bear witness to this great shift of the ages, we are here to be midwives and help bring it fully into manifested reality.  We're here, as Bob Marley said, to light up the darkness.  Go inside to the silence at the heart of things, and discover that which holds true meaning in your life: then have the courage to build your life around that!
"San Francisco in the middle '60's was a very special time and place to be a part of. There was madness in any direction, any hour, you could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning. And that I think was the handle - that  sense of inevitable victory over the forces of old and evil; not in any mean or military sense, we didn't need that, our energy would simply prevail. We had all the momentum. We were riding the crest of a high & beautiful wave. So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas & look west; and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high water mark, that place where the wave finally broke, and rolled back."
~ Hunter S. Thompson~

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