Sunday, January 8, 2017

Here in Trumpland

Is it just me; or are we currently living thru that newsreel clip at the start of every end of the world movie; you know, the one describing how the apocalypse unfolded?  Wars, famine, genocide across the globe, while here at home a  2nd rate reality TV personality is about to be sworn in as president of a country on the verge of a race war.

We go on about our daily lives despite all these disheartening events that nowadays seem to be spinning out of control, because it's the only sane option.  We leave all that ugliness "out there" and pretend it does not affect us, but it does.  It works upon our subconscious mind which does not buy the "out there" illusion of safety.  Despite our efforts to appear in clear control of ourselves, the apocalypse is gnawing at our subconscious every day.  Everything kinda flows together leaving us with a nebulous yet tangible sense that the world we know is disappearing a little more every day.

That effect is deepened when figures from pop culture check out in small groups as we saw in the waning days of last year.  Leonard Cohen, George Michaels, Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds.  They always seem to depart in small groups as if they know something about the future we don't.  The passing of those who we admire in movies and music also serves to remind us of our own mortality, adding to that whole end of the year personal assessment thing; which included starting this new year off two weeks into a mercury retrograde.  So it is that a great many of us began this new year in sadness from our losses, a few misgivings, and a spine shivering foreboding of the future; here in Trumpland.

I had this friend named Rick when I lived in Alaska 30 years ago, kind of a mentor of sorts really since he was at least a decade older and wiser than me.  Over the years we had many engaging conversations on all kinds of topics;  but one particular evening stands out in memory.  Sitting around his fireplace one winter evening the conversation turned to politics, and the outrageous things our government was doing and getting away with.  At one point Rick went silent for maybe 30 if he was trying to hear something faint & far away; the he says to me, "25 years from now it will all be government by terrorism..."  His words hung on the air as their meaning sank in and I was wondering what a world like that would look like.  Now I know, we all do.

The last few weeks we've seen a tsunami of stories about fake news, the alt-right, and the post truth era.  To begin with one must be a very keen observer to distinguish between real and fake news because we've been force fed fake news by the mainstream media for a few decades now.  The obvious fact here is that mainstream media doesn't like competition when it comes to selling lies.  We must look deeper than that to get at the real gritty truths.
First of all let's define a term here, the "Alt-right" is basically a handful of right wing extremists wrapped in Ku Klux Klan hoods and the confederate flag who think bringing slavery back would be a swell idea.  It is a hatful of the worst ideas we have ever heard trying to pass itself off as 'normal'.  What is the alt-right?  Just think of them as the alternate of all that is real, true & moral, and you'll have it.  You may at first blush wonder why this is important, well, it's important because the very first person Trump appointed to his cabinet was Steve Bannon, from Breitbart news, the flagship website for the alt-right.  Bannon is now Trump's chief strategist and senior consultant; let that settle in a minute!

Our National Bird even Wears a White Hood!

Are these the same people responsible for creating the whole the pizzagate gunman story and spreading it around the internet?  The problem is, as we saw, that someone thought the story that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring from the basement of a pizza business was true, then went there looking to sort things out with an assault rifle.  The investigation has taken on a life of it's own as many continue to delve into the story.  Is the story true?  Is it all a hoax?  Another cover-up?  Is it an attempt to muddy the waters so much the truth cannot be found?  At what point do we become so jaded and cynical that we just refuse to believe anything any more?

Another excellent example is Alex Jones, perhaps the world's leading conspiracy theorist, who Trump claims won him the election!  I just can't wait to see what job Alex gets in the Trump administration.  If these and other appointments don't send a cold shiver down your spine they should because they do not bode well for our future here in Trumpland.

Then there is the new and truly evil Facebook feature that allows you to flag any news story you don't like as "fake" news.  This is like trying to put out a fire out with gasoline, but then putting the fire out was never Zuckerberg's goal.  We got a peek at his goal back when it was discovered Facebook was deliberately messing with people's news feeds to see what would upset or anger them.  A real slime devil, that one.  The point here is to question Everything: for example the "drought" and "water shortages" are a ploy to privatize water, then use it as a means of coercion & intimidation.   There is no water problem on an ocean planet.  The problem is SALT, the solution is science!

We got a preview of coming atrocities when Trump picked Indiana governor Mike Pence as his vice president.  This guy is anti-veteran, anti-female, anti-LGBT and pro-big business.  He is essentially Trump's evil twin in the white house and a heartbeat as they say, from the presidency.  Trump has filled his administration with billionaires, racists, Nazi's and Klan members without so much as a whisper of indignation from a republican congress obsessed with obstructing Obama's term in office.  Seems they're just fine with Trump's cabinet picks; which is simply a deepening shade of treason to the American people.

The same do-nothing congress obsessed with Benghazi and email servers has said not a single word about investigating the Russians hacking of our election. When 17 security agencies all agree the hacking took place; only a fool would dispute the evidence claiming he had special information, as Trump did.  Only a bigger fool would then double down and publicly disparage all those intelligence analysts when it is they who are the very people charged with detecting threats to the president and country.  Or just maybe, the whole Russian hacking story is just more fake news?  Nobody knows.

Consider that Trump invited Russians to hack us during a debate on live television. Trump has numerous business deals with Russia: openly praises Putin as a smart leader; then names "Friend of Russia" medal recipient & ExxonMobil  CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state...we wonder how is that not treason, here in Trumpland? 

Now, in the category of "You just can't make this stuff up:"- Having trouble getting any name celebrities to perform at his inauguration, Trump actually booked "Black Jack," a famous Army horse to appear...which died in 1976!  So far, the only music group willing to be part of Trump's big day is the Mormon tabernacle choir; and one of them even quit the group rather than play for Trump.  They did manage to book Jackie Evancho to sing at the inauguration: You must remember her: 2nd place winner from America's got talent! Maybe he should try the Duck Dynasty boys, having them at the inauguration would seem somehow visually appropriate if not demographically accurate.

We also wonder a lot about Trump's obsession with lying.  This man even lies when the truth would serve him better.  He lies, gets caught lying, then doubles down in yet another twitter rant. 

It's almost as if he believes a lie repeated often enough becomes truth to those who hear it.  He must believe it because he wrote the same exact thing in Art of the Deal.  Trump actually plagiarized Hitler's minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels by stealing that quote, which is often attributed to Russian dictator Vladimir Lenin.  No matter who said it first; Trump once again quotes history's worst tyrants as his role models; and his lies pile up.

Why have we all seemingly decided to just ignore his tsunami of lies?  Our teachers and religious leaders tell us lying is a sin; we teach the same to our children, even though we sometimes tell a few lies ourselves.  But Trump lies about everything all the time, even quoting constitutional amendments which don't exist!! 

Once upon a time we used to really honor integrity, Trump has none.  Trump is the final end product of Fox news.  He is the President of Lies, here in Trumpland.

Very soon after the Fukushima disaster, the Japanese government began trucking all the radioactive debris to locations all over Japan.  The goal being to ensure that each region of the country received equal amounts of the deadly radiation pouring from the open wound leaking nuclear death; in short, to contaminate their entire country.

When I look at the continuing flow of refugees from Syria and other mid-east countries, and the various countries around the world who take them in; it's very clear that the same exact thing is going on with refugees.  We need to look at the demographics of this flood of humanity, how many are military age males?  How many radicalized women and children?  The mid-east is another open wound on earth with a steady stream of intolerant   humanity pouring forth from it.  Their very numbers bring instability and stress with them at the very least.  What about those who use the mass exodus to export chaos & terror in the name of whatever bullshit religion brainwashed many of them are among the refugees??

Making sure the radicalized, violent, intolerance is spread equally around the globe.

Yes, I know the talking heads all spout the same talking points about how well screened this flood of humanity is, & how the bad apples can't get thru.  Are you still listening to the babble & lies coming from the talking heads on your screen?  I don't and neither should you, its all bullshit.  Simple as that.

Its just the constant stream of disinformation and fake news flooding all media that keeps us distracted and confused while the robber barons of the 1% do whatever they wish while wrenching down control over us even tighter. 

Perhaps reviewing their greatest hits of recent years might be illuminating:

George W. Bush = 8 years of unjust illegal wars to steal other countries resources & establish permanent military bases throughout the mid-east.

Barack Obama = 8 years of GOP congress blocking every progressive thing Obama pretended to want to enact; a street theater put on to entertain & enrage us, to even further divide us apart as a nation of people.  And Gitmo is still open! 

Donald Trump = cabinet full of racists, Nazis & KKK members, armbands, uses the Hitler salute frequently, Trumps many ties to Russia, Russian election hacking, Rex Tillerson's-"Friend of Russia" medal...whether global warming or Russian election hacking he's always on the wrong side of the truth.  Generally his behavior is that of a spoiled, self-absorbed 5 year old child with nuclear launch codes. 

I knew a fellow like Trump once.  He always boasted & bragged about how he was so smart, and that he had all the best things.  Always the loudest one in the room, and never wrong, not once, ever.  He was kind of a bully, but whenever he didn't get his way he shouted & threw a fit until people gave in just to shut him up.  We were classmates... in grade school

The wise and experienced adult already knows that the loudest one in the room is the weakest & most insecure one in the room; and I submit for your consideration that giving in to Trump just to shut him up, and allowing him the luxury of doing whatever he wants, will be the mistake this nation does not recover from; if that is, it isn't already too late.  We expect spoiled brat children to be obnoxious & self-absorbed; assured they will one day outgrow it.  When they don't, Donald J. Trump is the result.  Of course it isn't against the law to be just isn't very presidential, and neither is he.

Obama partially responded to the Russian election hacking by evicting some 35 Russian diplomats suspected of spying.  Perhaps as an indication of American ire, several of the evicted Russians were the head chefs of various embassies.  Let them eat cake!  Putin elects to not respond and Trump calls him smart.  Meanwhile beyond public view or scrutiny a quiet new cold war has begun in cyberspace between America and her enemies.  Remind you of the opening scenes from any end of the world movie you've seen? 

One incident leads to another and before you can say WTF the whole thing is coming down like falling dominoes...coming down on us.  The power elite have spent the last 16 years setting up this slow moving political coup: oh they've been at it far longer than that of course, we're entering their final gambit now, where they roll out their endgame scenario.  How are you liking it so far?

Is it just me, or does Trump seem to be the absolute perfect person to drive a blood soaked wedge into Americas heartland?  There seems to be no middle ground with this one; you either love him or loathe him.  The torrent of vile, repugnant, racist remarks coming from him would have ruined a presidential candidate not so very long ago, but they got Trump elected if you believe that lie. 

The fix was in right from the start, and Trump's "victory" a foregone conclusion.  The one thing which really points to this as fact is that throughout the entire campaign Trump never once acted or spoke as if there was any chance he might not win.  His job was to go forth and say the most outlandish things imaginable to enrage and divide the population.  He knew he could get away with saying anything, because he knew he was going to "win" the election.  The truly tragic thing is he's so arrogant and full of himself he cannot see his role in history will be similar to that of Lee Harvey Oswald, a patsy used as a pawn by the power elite.

Michelle Bachman wanted to make Mexican food illegal; so unwanted immigrants wouldn't have food to eat & wouldn't come here.  Sarah Palin asked why we would want solar power because the sun's rays cause cancer.  Donald Trump wants to register Muslims like Hitler did with Jews.  These people aren't just stupid, they're stupid dangerous when given power over the rest of us.  Notice how Trump hasn't mentioned building a wall since his "election"?  Maybe its because someone finally told him the cartels have been using tunnels for a couple decades now, here in Trumpland.

I never thought I'd ever see an American president so full of ignorance and dumbfuckery as George W. Bush, but then came Donald Trump.  Openly racist, misogynist, and vulgar; he acts and speaks as if there will be no consequences for him to face and has become even more repulsive since becoming president-elect.

 Trump seems to think "winning" the (s)election gives him a blank check to do whatever he may desire.  Want a hint as to how things will be here in Trumpland after the inauguration?  How about the very first thing the new GOP congress did was to hold a secret meeting to dismantle and de-fund the ethics & morals oversight committee.  Trump tweeted that repealing ObamaCare should come first, gutting the ethics committee could wait till later.

I'm 18 months out from reaching the average lifespan for my demographic.  I really used to think I'd see some positive change by now; but it just keeps getting closer to "government by terrorism."  Every year we slip a bit further down the progress ladder; we've lost a lot of ground already, and we're being set up to lose even more.  Or haven't you noticed?  It doesn't exactly inspire positive attitudes about the near term future. 

Don't know about you, but I'm getting damn tired of both "sides" using universal health care as a weapon to bludgeon us with.  A dear friend of mine is fighting for her life against cancer, and is covered under ObamaCare.  Why add to her stress levels by playing games with health care over 25 million Americans are covered under?  Why play games with our lives?

With cases of cancer along the pacific coast skyrocketing higher every year since Fukushima it is especially callous to essentially steal medical coverage away from cancer patients who are covered under the current system...wanna talk about death panels now?

Trump actually asked why we can't use nukes if we have them.  Does that sound like a question the president-elect should ask?  We find it makes us a bit nervous when the orange one rants on twitter about building our nuclear arsenal even larger, beyond its already insane levels of absurdity.  Just who is it he wants to nuke?  He actually has a list!

 I never thought I'd see such a low regard for human life, or a lower form of life in the white house.  I never thought I'd see the fourth Reich spring up and come to power on American soil; but that's just how it is here in Trumpland.

© 2017 full re-post with permission only

Trump gets a taste of his own BS in "Golden Gate" story.
No wonder he always acts so pissy.
President Pissy

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Little Victories in Dystopia

Everyone I talk to these last 30 days tells me they feel like the rug has been jerked out from under us.  Some compare the feeling to being in limbo, like the day JFK was assassinated, or even 9/11.  Everyone still seems to be having reality cramps & culture shock a month after the circus selection of Trump as the next president.  For me, it's more like the quicksand of a slow moving coup which began with the tea party.  It's got us up to the knees now, and every day it just sucks more.

I have the advantage of being emotionless about the "election" results, as I didn't have a dog in that race; yet I am as stunned with culture shock as everyone else.  So for the second time now the electoral college has given us a babbling fool of a president who makes up his own words; and lies faster than we can fact check.  Not even in office yet and he is shattering forty years of protocol nearly every day with his disregard for the established order.  Remember during the republican convention when Rudy Giuliani screamed from the podium that this was going to be the last presidential election ?? Just going by who Trump is picking for cabinet posts so far, I'd say Rudy is probably right.

Do you recall Trump promising to "drain the swamp"?  One look at the Nazis & KKK members getting cabinet posts and it is fairly clear that what Trump is doing is not just draining the swamp into the white house; he's assembling the team that will dismantle America once and for all.  As an example, Trump just named Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency.  Pruitt has made his career by suing the EPA on behalf of oil companies.  Then there is his pick to head the dept. of the interior: Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers who is pro fracking and big oil.  How about his naming of Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be secretary of state!!  Rex is a big fan of Fracking, unless its too close to his home...he's suing to have that one stopped!  Rex also has an "Order of Friendship" medal from Russia, denoting he is a Friend of Russia.  Then there is the fact that Exxon-Mobil and Russia are doing business in the far northern arctic regions.  Is the big picture starting to come into focus for you?  Do you remember Texas Gov. Rick Perry; who promised to shut down the dept. of energy if elected? - Trump just added him to his cabinet; as the head the dept. of energy!   How is that focus now, getting clear is it?

Yeah, I think demolition is the plan.  So, we all have that to look forward to. 

You ever hear of any previous president-elect doing victory lap rallies as if the campaign is still on?  Me neither, and considering that shootings of police officers and other terrorist acts are continuing at an almost daily rate; up 68% from last year!!  I think it is clear to see the purpose of these "victory lap" rallies.  Stirring the shit.  Poking the bear.  Not even in office yet; and Trump is sending questionnaires to the heads of the EPA, energy, and other agencies demanding the names of any employees who have attended climate change events, or carbon taxing seminars.  Whoa there! Do you see what he's up to here?  He wants to purge everyone who disagrees with him.  What can we expect next, is he going to demand that Twitter provide him with the names of everyone who posted anti-trump tweets?   Herr Donald Twitler.

From Fukushima radiation to Flint Michigan's poisoned water there are simply so many despicable & horrific things happening on and to the earth right now that just keeping track of them all tempts madness itself.  Truth and decency are simply being over-run & plowed under by the gatekeepers of the great shining lie. 

Despite the dystopian feel of things these days, there are some little victories to be celebrated such as four more states have legalized recreational cannabis use after the election.  All things considered, I rather think we're going to be real grateful for that.  Those who push back against the rising tide of the great shining lie don't get to celebrate too many wins nowadays, but they do happen despite getting little or no coverage in the mainstream media.

For over six months completion of a pipeline has been held up by protesting native American Sioux refusing to allow the DAPL project on their sacred lands near Standing Rock North Dakota.  Considering that in the previous 18 months there have been over 300 oil spills in North Dakota that all went unreported to the public; I'm thinking that the Sioux have the high ground here.  Unfortunately the oil company could care less about careless accidents and for over six months did everything they could to defeat the Standing Rock protestors.

 They had private security contractors sic attack dogs on them. They pursued protestors into to river, then sprayed freezing cold water on them.  They blasted the protesters with sonic attacks from LRAD weapons (Long Range Acoustical Device).  Unarmed peaceful protestors were shot with rubber bullets; one woman may lose an arm, others suffered head wounds from rubber bullets  - and still the Sioux stood tall, unyielding. 

When drone footage showed the things the pipeline goons were doing, the whole area was declared a "no-fly" zone and internet was blocked as well.

As the standoff continued week after week, more native Americans arrived in solidarity with their brothers and sisters, as well as a great many non-native kindred spirits: and still, hardly a mention of it in mainstream news.  Funny how there's always a news blackout around such events when the great shining lie is doing such things.  You'd think that the attention loving Trump would have jumped on this like he did Brexit, but NO, he remained silent because he has a financial interest in the pipeline project.  Catch-22 with a side order of Quicksand.

When Obama was asked to intervene at Standing Rock, to avoid more violence, he famously said "Let's just see how it plays out".  Perhaps it was the cold indifference & callous tone of the president that inspired this nations military veterans to action; because they remember exactly how Waco and Ruby Ridge played out.  What began as just a few became a few dozen, then a few dozen more; until early December when they all arrived at the standoff to offer themselves as human shields to protect the peaceful Sioux protesters. 

They came with numbers 3000 strong; and lumber; and immediately began construction of winter barracks for the defenders of standing rock.  Veterans play it out to the end, it's just how we roll.  Perhaps that is why on December 4th the judge ruled against the pipeline company, denying them easement on sacred tribal lands.  Or perhaps Obama; considering the impact on his legacy if things degraded into all out violence between the veterans & pipeline goons, made a phone call to the judge.  The right thing was for Obama to declare Sioux tribal lands as a national heritage site on day one.  Lacking honor & dignity he opted to wait until it was a matter of him saving face.

Even though the pipeline will soon be re-routed & finished, it's still a little victory for everyone who believes all this insanity can be stopped, and eventually turned around; and a huge victory for the Standing Rock Sioux and all who stand with them. Vigilance is still required of course, the pipeline company is sure to appeal the decision; or wait till no one is watching to pull an end run or some shit, they always do.  Resistance works, it's why there's always a media blackout.  Like cockroaches, the great shining lie prefers to work in darkness.  Shine some light on 'em and they scurry.  Shame we still have to protest all the same old shit.  Whatever became of that better world we all talked about making for our children; where's that??

In the weeks leading up to the election we saw a dramatic increase in unarmed young black men being shot dead by police, soon followed by the reverse, police officers being assassinated by unseen attackers.  At the time I said it seemed like someone was pushing for a race war.  The fact that both types of senseless killings are still happening almost every day suggests that the race war is now underway & slowly gaining momentum with a racist Nazi heading to the white house.

"Make America Great Again" is racist code talk for "the South will rise again"

Are you wondering what kind of foreign policy changes Trump has in mind?  Consider then that four retired generals have joined team Trump to round out a cabinet so far filled with racist Nazi's, billionaires and climate deniers.  While some are saying a financial collapse will happen in 2017, and that Trump was tricked into becoming the scapegoat for it all; others see a much darker outcome in the next four years.
The dismantling team Trump is assembling is gonna set the national clock back by 50 years, just for starters.  Be prepared for one bombastic farce after another from the orange one to distract us all from what's being done in our name behind our backs.

Trump taught us a lot about himself this last week: first by saving some factory jobs in the home state of his VP Mike Pence, and then by joining the media blackout on the pipeline protest because he has a financial interest in seeing the pipeline finished.  The lesson being that Trump will always put his personal profit first before all else.

Here's a good question: Why does the media cover every Trump tweet?

Here's another interesting thought.  If Trump's 3 children decide to continue living at Trump Tower instead of moving into the white house; then the secret service agents assigned to them will be needing adjacent domicile in Trump Tower apartments to provide around the clock protection, and the government will be paying the rent directly to Trump.  And, if you really believe Trump is going to divest himself of his businesses while serving as president, then you really drank the cool aide. 

If we wait to "see how it plays out" with global warming, we'll all be swimming in a radioactive ocean with the polar bears & dying whales.  I know, yes everyone wants me to get on board with calling it climate change, fuck that word game bullshit, it's global warming, so that's what I call it; it's a radical honesty thing.  Perhaps we should see if the Sioux nation is willing to take on global warming as their next worthy cause.  Put them together with a few veterans and shit gets done in a hurry!

In Washington DC as well as in the general population there are those who would rather just blow the whole mess apart than try to fix it.  That is Donald Trump's base.  Why else would he have three retired generals in his cabinet?  Were not talking general mills and general motors here either, these are some serious war hawks who have but the one solution to every problem.   Up to our knees in quicksand.

I suppose it was inevitable that Time magazine would give Trump its person of the year award, as absurd as it is, it just feels wrong, like one more thing he doesn't deserve being handed to him; his purple heart medal for instance.  Trump bragged about saving 1100 jobs at the Carrier plant- today the plant manager said "He lied his ass off." it was only 800, with 600 other jobs still going to Mexico The President of Lies.  Several news outlets have recently published the statistic that after fact-checking Trump; he is found to be outright lying 76% of the time.
When called out on the lies, and campaign promises such as "lock her up" and "repealing Obamacare" which he has now backed away from; Trump shrugs, gestures with his tiny hands, and says: "Well it played good during the campaign...who cares?"  Resist the insanity and absurdity...push back.  Speak truth to power, just like at standing rock.

2017 will begin as 2016 the grip of 21 days of Mercury retrograde.  The fact that this time it will impact both years cannot be a good omen, but I think an appropriate one: we're going backwards folks, back to everything we've spent the last 60 years out-growing.  Hope you enjoy the ride, your silence was your boarding pass!

So, the next time you tempt madness by trying to cope with all of the things going on that sicken your soul; do what the Standing Rock Sioux did.  Draw a line in the sand and make your stand.  There is no shortage of things to resist against today, so pick your fight and make a stand...and then don't stop until you win!

© 2016 full re-post with permission only

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Standing Rock War

Remember how Waco played out?
Remember how Ruby Ridge played out?
One signature declaring the land a Heritage Site, will end this peacefully right now!