Friday, December 7, 2012

New Evidence of Mayan Contact with Aliens?

Apparently in late July of this year the Mexican Government released information it had “protected” for eighty years along with a previously unseen Mayan tablet clearly depicting extraterrestrial activity.  This newly released information, if it is accurate, sheds more light on both past and future events including their belief in future disasters, as well as association with extraterrestrial entities.

After reading the articles (linked below) and watching the video of the tablet and other carvings, I must say that the carvings somehow don’t look the same as existing Maya artifacts, which could be for various different reasons I suppose, as I certainly am no expert on Mayan stone carvings.  Still, I find the information and carvings to be quite interesting, and like Fox Mulder from the X-files, “I want to believe.”  It does seem true that the Mexican authorities have a wealth of information on the Maya as well as many artifacts seen only by a select few. 

What I question is the timing of the release of this information, why now?  My skeptical mind wonders if this is to increase excitement and expectation, to fan the flames of “impending doom” and aliens coming to the rescue.  That certainly does make a bit of sense, knowing as we do how these world governments operate.  I ask myself when was the last time any government released information solely to benefit and enlighten the masses?  Still, there might just be something to this despite my cynical misgivings; which is why I decided to post it because it’s not my job to make up anyone else’s mind for them.  Look over the data, and then decide for yourself what is real and what is not.

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