Thursday, February 11, 2016

Deja Vu

Every year, around the end of January, my daughter in Alaska comes for a visit; and it's always the highlight of my year to say the least.  This year she brought with her, my number one granddaughter whom I haven't seen for several years, so it was more of a family reunion albeit a small one.

While making ready for their visit, I reminded myself to not bring up the kinds of things I normally blog about, so as to not come off as a total conspiracy nut and risk alienating my granddaughter. 

The girls had a short list of things they wanted to do while here, redwoods tour, wine tasting tour, and a photo safari to the Golden Gate bridge for starters.  Good thing they were planning on staying a few days.

Following a full day of activity, I treated my ladies to dinner at a premiere eatery.  We began discussing the following day's itinerary, and I thought it a great time to use the NOAA satellite app on my phone to get an idea of what kind of weather to expect.  When the streaming satellite feed loaded, all my best intentions faded away as I looked at the on-going methane leak at Porter Ranch just outside Los Angeles.

 It looked like a huge malevolent tornado covering the western US, touching down precisely at the Porter Ranch area.  It took but a moment to understand what we were looking at, and it was decidedly not normal.  Before I could put the phone away my granddaughter asked "What's all that yucky yellowish stuff?"  Knowing she was too old to condescend, or lie to; I had but a single option.  "Well dear, I think that is methane pouring out of the ground, going on three months or so by now, just outside LA."

Just as I said that, our waitress returned with appetizers, and caught the whole exchange.  Staring at the streaming images, she said, "Wow, that's gonna mess us up real good!" 

2016 must be the year of understatement.

I was able to divert the conversation to something more proper for mealtime in an effort to stave off gramps being seen as a conspiracy nut a bit longer; but it was hard to push those images from my mind. 

90 days and counting the methane has been gushing into our atmosphere.
 Is there a plan to stop it?
Sound familiar?
Here we go again...

Fukushima is of course still spewing radiation into the air unabated.  The pacific ocean is nearly a dead zone, as is the gulf of Mexico, thanks to BP corporation.  Although the majority of the Deepwater Horizon leak was finally decreased dramatically; it indeed is still leaking, as are many of the nearly 3000 oil drilling platforms peppering the gulf.  After the oily gulf was carpet bombed with a censored number of tons of corexit; the only thing it is now suitable for is more drilling.  It wasn't theirs to destroy. 

What of the real human cost, measured in sickness, bankruptcy and death attached to these types of disasters?  What is it doing to our DNA, (along with GMO "food.") Why do we continue to pretend that these things are normal when they're literally killing the planet, and us, a breath at a time.  Co2 levels continue to rise and all we can manage is to deny & argue the issue instead of fixing it.  Just fix it!!  Unknown to most is the fact that methane is like 22 times more deadly & dangerous than Co2.

Here's a question, exactly what is our atmosphere becoming; now that massive amounts of radioactivity & methane are being added to the already toxic industrial pollution?  Then there's the predominantly black city of Flint, Michigan where the population was knowingly exposed  to lead in their drinking water, so the 1% could stuff more money in their pockets.  How about that?  Business as usual.  Your silence is your approval!

We have known for some years now that Fracking pollutes our drinking water to the point it is actually flammable; and that it also triggers swarms of earthquakes.   Business as usual,  How come we still allow this to continue?  Your silence is your approval.  If we who are damaged by all these disasters do not stand up and speak truth to power, who will??  If we do not act to stop such disasters and minimize the damage; that will be our legacy of shame for all time.

Then there is the recent Japanese volcano that erupted, fifty some miles from another nuclear plant.  Of course the Japanese government rushed to assure the world there was no danger.  You believe that?  Of course they don't tell the truth, almost nobody does!  The same media machine (owned by 6 corporations) that bombards us with coverage of ISIS, totally ignores Fukushima, and the death of the pacific ocean.

The earth, air, lakes & oceans are not theirs to destroy!

With all the presidents-in-waiting clamoring for all the camera time they can get, how come none of them address these issues, not one.  First of all; what they're doing is "debating" like hockey is ice dancing.  Secondly, if elections really changed things in any perceptual way, it would be illegal.  Right wing/left wing - makes no difference whatsoever, they're both wings on the same buzzard; and the flight plan never changes!  Voting is a psychological prophylactic: it gives you a sense of security while being screwed.  At the last "debate" the Larry Sanders clone and his six morons couldn't even walk on stage  without looking like a bunch of keystone cops.  You have the right to vote for the clown of your choice, but not much else these days. 

Super bowl 50 was, as usual, an over-hyped disappointment, (especially with me being a panthers fan.)  The Mt. Dew puppy-monkey-baby super bowl commercial has no doubt left a generation scarred for life.  The halftime performers pranced about on a high tech stage of moving, flowing images & designs.  You may have noticed the subliminal propaganda in the opening act; a huge red, white & blue hurricane.  Kinda hard to miss.  I hope the Carolina quarterback who walked away rather than fall on his own fumble got fined a bazillion dollars.  I found that selfish arrogant act somehow symbolic of so many of the things that are seriously wrong in the world today. 

Its as if we have another virgin world we can move to once this one becomes uninhabitable.  Not only is there no place to go, we no longer have the means to get anywhere since the space program was gutted & we began paying the Russians for rides to the international space station.  Yeah, so many things are seriously wrong these days. 

As this great shift of the ages continues to unfold it's perhaps helpful to remember that everything is in a state of transition.  The old is falling away to make room for the new, and it isn't doing so gracefully.  In times of chaos as we're seeing we should also remember the three F's ... Flight, Fight, or Freeze.  Flee if you must, Fight if you can, but whatever you do, don't Freeze.  If you forget this, it's conveniently written on the lid to the mayonnaise jar, "Keep cool - Don't freeze."

As I ponder over my memories of visiting with my granddaughter, and thinking of the kind of world I would have her live in; it occurs to me that I was wrong, I do want her to know of the things I write about.  I want her to know that her grandfather pushed back against the great shining lie.  If the tag of conspiracy theorist goes with the turf then I'll wear it as a crown, to distinguish me from those who froze.


  1. CONCISE AND STRAIT TO THE POINT. NO TO MUCH MORE TO SAY. All we can do is wait and see how the chips fall, and then pick up the pieces afterwards and start all over again. May are steps be guided by Providence.

    1. Phil~
      Many thanks, indeed, we could sure use some providence about now.

  2. Great article, well said and ditto! I feel the same

    1. A great many are feeling these things nowadays, I think the best thing we can do is to talk to one another about these subjects, get a groundswell of opposition going. Better than sitting around waiting for the reaper.

  3. As Leary used to say: "Find the others". In the decades that passed since he said it, along with all the calamities, one boon is that we have greatly enhanced our ability to find the others.
    You know how it is in the movie. The villian is about to win just as the hero receives the tool/idea/way he needs to invoke some unforeseen miracle.
    Maybe this tool is what I'm doing right now?

    1. Leary, sold out and abandoned an entire generation, instead of leading them. He told everyone to "Turn on, tune in & drop out" in short to abandon their future, What he SHOULD HAVE SAID is Turn on, tune in & Take Over!!" It did no good to "Find the others" if all you did was get stoned together, instead of networking some fixes!! Just my opinion from the point of view that I lived thru that history and know a thing or two about it. Thanks!

  4. All these concerns about an obsolete species. Do you think it is possible, that the microcephaly increase is because a new type of human is manifesting itself? Since humans are now able to re-design themselves, maybe nature, has determined a way, to re-design humans as a species as well. Maybe the frequency shift is on its way. Time to get ready for the transformation that we all know is coming. The spirit world (for lack of a better term)that many have tried to comprehend, is manifesting itself, so that humans can become awakened. No need to worry. Keep writing about what is transpiring, it is a record of events that may be preserved in history. Otherwise, very little will be known about humans (as they currently exist) on earth today.