Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wrong Side of Heaven

 Wrong Side of Heaven


  1. I am a Korean conflict veteran that volunteered to give my life, to keep my loved ones, and my country safe.
    I'm much older and wiser now.
    As I look back to those days, I now realize that what I actually accomplished, was to go to another foreign country to make many of my innocent fellow Earthly humans miserable with death and destruction, and put my self in mental anguish, that took many years to get my head back on straight, ...for what? To make some fat cat with the expensive suit and shoes as well as the greedy bankers (you know, the ones that will never put their selves, or their children in harms way), richer and more comfortable.

    I never protected anyone.
    No good has ever come from any war!

    I wish I could convince all our brave, innocent kids to never to put on a uniform again.
    If anyone wants to protect America and American people, never give up your weapons, or your dignity in self, stay at home and fight the bull s***t and corruption that goes on all around us, keep our country and our homes safe and secure, be vigilant, and above all, remember to keep our OATH to protect and preserve our original, organic Constitution (the Supreme Law of the land), above ALL other laws and treaties.
    One more thing, remind our dully elected politicians that they are not above the law, they must be given the prescribed penalty of imprisonment or execution if they kill, or have killed innocent people anywhere on earth.
    Go in peace and love.

  2. Brother
    Your words are as impacting as the video, and I agree with everything you said.
    Indeed we MUST abolish warmongers before we can hope to evolve. I would add that while the lessons of war may be worth learning, I cannot recommend the course! There is a better way, and when we remove the warmongers, we will see it, but not before.
    Peaceful Prosperity.

  3. we need a new way of living. one where we actually value and care about one another. sounds funny right we are so far away from that. all i can say is i speak up and let my views be known and i hope for some kind of a miracle. this planet is frustrating beyond belief . its so obvious that we should care and that we should just freaking stop and ask the one question that no one asks. why. why why why why are we living in this insanity ? how is it benefitting anyone. but we dont ask we just keep on doing what the system demands of us. may a miracle occur we sure as hell need one

    1. Norral
      EXACTLY...and very well stated at that. Thanks!!