Saturday, October 11, 2014

How Can We Survive?

Well, here it is 3:00 AM again with me still wide awake; four nights in a row, unable to sleep, or to command my mind to stop thrashing about seeking some clarity amid the chaos of mankind's dark night of the soul. 

I light up another cigarette with bemused disgust, knowing it's bad for my health, knowing it probably makes no difference, considering.

When this Ebola outbreak began I told myself that it was just more of the same old fear pandering we are so accustomed to, tried to pass it off as just that; despite knowing better.

For most of my life I've been prone to psychic flashes, even full-on visions every so often.  The strongest visions have always happened during dream states, but occasionally when I think I'm drifting off for a nap it will blossom into a kind of mini-vision, or lucid daydream.  

It was back in 1979 when I had one of those afternoon mini-visions.  I was living in the Alaska wilderness with my family at the time; and the news was all abuzz about an Ebola outbreak, I think it was in Sudan.  Sitting down to take a break following my afternoon chores; I quickly "nodded off" into one of those visions from the morph, whereupon I "saw" a map of the world showing the Ebola virus spreading from country to country like a wildfire.  I "heard" a voice saying that this is how they will do it - not now, but many years in the future." The vision played on a bit longer, showing the virus covering the earth, and a speeding clicker showing millions of deaths. 

I remember back when Henry Kissinger referred to the masses of world population as "Nothing but useless eaters."  You'd think we'd take the hint and get rid of everyone in power who thinks like that, but no, not us, we just kept grazing away contentedly.  

Back in 1995 we became aware of the aerial spraying program.  Collectively we did nothing about it, left it for someone else to stop and now our skies are filled every day with the poisonous toxic chemtrails.  They tell the school kids the planes are re-building the ozone layer to protect us; but to everyone else they deny everything, and we let them, every damn time

I want to know why?

With the emerging news that there may well be a second, airborne Ebola strain I guess it's safe to say that "Airborne Toxic Event" isn't just a rock group anymore.  Coming soon to a paradigm near you!

We have known for some time now that the Neocons of the NWO fully intend to reduce the human population of Earth to about one fifth it's current number.  One of Kissinger's pals recently even said that it is now cheaper and easier to kill large groups of people than it is to control them.  Still wondering what they have planned?  Naturally, they knew going in there would be mass resistance & protest; which is why they have softened us up with pacification technologies such as chemtrails, HAARP, GWEN towers, fluoridated water, & GMO foods just as appetizers.

The main course is now being served up across the planet: Fukushima/Ebola/Chemtrail cocktail with a Corexit chaser...this is a catered affair with more than enough for everyone; ensuring horrific nightmares for generations to come and a future where genetic mutation will be the norm rather than the exception. 

I hope you like the future they are now implementing, you voted for it with your silence.

TV and media have become the slave master's oracle; telling us how we should feel, and when to feel it, and of course what to think.  Because these ghouls actually feed off the fear they generate, they like to whip us into a frenzy with TV shows like Helix, & The Strain and ads for new movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, and the latest installment in the Hobbit franchise: Battle of the 5 Armies; as preview of the coming attractions they have planned for us in real time.

How can we survive?

We cannot.  But we can transcend it!

Argue in favor of your limitations and you get to keep them.  If you believe that you are your body and there is no way to survive that which I speak of; then the universe will create that reality for you because it thinks that's what you want.  If that isn't what you want, quit thinking it!

Of the steps involved with transcending this genocide of madness, the first is the most important because it requires an expansive adjustment in thinking, and a top down reassessment of your picture of reality.

The Lakota people have within their traditional culture a specialized type of shaman known as Heyoka, the contrarian who speaks and acts in ways opposite of what would be normally expected.  The Heyoka may speak backwards, wear clothing inside out, complain about the heat at night; all as ways to point out the obvious thru satire and wit.  I encountered a little Heyoka spirit in  a recent post I read which talked about the practicing of "crazy wisdom"* in our grappling with emerging planetary disaster; and I found it quite refreshing, even helpful.

For those who still don't believe despite what they see, I suggest you review the track record of the responding government authority to mega-disasters such as Katrina, BP's gulf oil spill, Fukushima, etc.  What they want you to see as merely cosmic level incompetence is actually a planned agenda of allowing, if not creating such disasters to further their goal of depopulation.

This is not the way it is supposed to go down. 
I never heard the words Ebola or Fukushima in that 60's anthem "Aquarius."

In light of the future awaiting us my successes seem inconsequential
and my failures more profound as I seek higher vibrational ground.

The only way out, is in.

In unguarded moments my thoughts are of my daughter and grandchildren in Alaska, just downwind from Fukushima.  She's well aware of the dangers yet elects to remain; a spiritual decision.  I think if I were asked to, I would return to Alaska & join them for the duration.

These days I find myself thinking often of the one great love of my life, wondering where she is and what things her chosen path have brought her, and wondering what will become of her.

My waking nightmares are filled with the utterly detestable violations of human rights around the globe, and our collective indifference to it. 

Will we still be so indifferent when its our lives being snuffed out?

How can we survive our collective apathy and inaction?

I always wanted to be a lighthouse keeper.

May the Source be With You

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  1. Chautauqua
    Thanks for another fine post. I once read that when the truth is scarier that the lie that props it up, denial is a comfortable place to hang out. I think that was at Rattleberry Pie's. Its impossible to free the slaves when you cannot convince them that they are slaves but, we have to keep trying, don't we? Get some sleep.

    1. PeaceMaker!
      Why do we value truth so much we must protect it with a ring of lies?

      As for freeing the slaves: we can write the words but we can't make them read, we can show them the way but if they refuse to budge how much more do we owe them?

      "It's just a ride"

  2. Well my friend here we are, the supposedly most intelligent species on the planet grazing happily as you say kept amused by tripe on the Tv, xbox, pl1 pl2 and fuck knows what else (since I'm not into all that shit). Even the alternative media has been infiltrated so one must be cautious and discerning with what's on our computer screens. It is hard to realise that members of our own species want billions of us dead. Insanity has reached new levels and few movies can compare to the horrors inflicted on innocent people just trying to live normal (whatever that is) lives. Murdered, brutalised and tortured for greed, power, resources and money. Surely they can not be human these perpetrators of such heinous crimes against their fellow man. I think the Gnostic's were right we are victims of an invasive alien species which you also wrote about. These are desperate time my friend and I'm too bloody old to to be of much use but dammed if I'll stop trying. How do you wake the semi dead, who seem to believe the psychopaths will take care of them. Right now I'd like to be a hermit away from all this but I'm an empath and its very hard to deal with all the horror around me. Anyway thank you again for your always interesting, objective and truthful posting's. They give me a certain clarity. Take care of yourself.

    1. Countrybob~
      Yes, am feeling very "old & in the way" these days so I know that one: and as for being an empath, it's what has me awake at 3 in the morning for a week now.

      Starting to wonder why I care for these fragile life forms, they don't seem to care about themselves.

  3. Chautauqua, appreciation inestimable sent your way via The Eagle

    Spiritual Seeker, Spiritual Teacher, all flows in quantities equal to inputs, commensurate with attention and pressed out upon the matter, no matter is where we belong, this dream song prepares us multidimensional travellers for journeys awaiting, so do that which you do so well, matter not that others while away the moment whilst the vials are opened upon the four corners of the planet, 'cause nothing can prevent your Purpose, on Purpose you Exist, and your loved one, she so dear hears your heart and awaits the moment when equal parts unite as is right, sooner than you imagine, all shall be as right, alright, you walk with the untold multitudes in the astral, invisible other than to those who understand, as you do, where the eagle lies ascending there's a timeless view, the Augureye Express View, so don't let it bring you down, it's only castles burning, you've found someone who's turning and they will come around.

  4. I don't usually want to depend on the cavalry roaring in at the last moment, but did you know that 26 underground installations have been destroyed? This amounted to 100,000 employees of the illuminatti who were talking on the phone one second and the next were screaming bloody murder! They were seemingly vacuumed out with nary a sign left of their very existence! Will this happen again? ALSO a group of illumine ones was warned by a benovalent group that if they did not change their ways, they would not be around in 18 months! Lets hope these guys get busy and rid the world of the likes of Kissinger, the Rockefellers, Zbignew Breshinski,etc.

    1. anony@11:42AM~
      Interesting...what is your source for that info on the 26 underground bases?

      It's kinda hard to figure aliens or some other group will rush in at the last minute to save us when we won't lift a finger to defend ourselves. It might be a different story if we were resisting with every ounce of our beings & still getting wiped out, that's a fight somebody else might wanna join in.

      Who destroyed 26 underground bases, and why do you believe it?!?

    2. Ahhh...Ben Fulford and Mr. Wilcox...that explains a lot; except why the show was on Russian TV of all places. Why not put such good news directly on the internet? Something smells fishy here is all I'm sayin.

      I ain't in the business of changing what others believe - none of my business at this late date.

  5. It's been a long time since my last comment, but I had lost your site, a friend just sent it to me.

    This Ebola is real, but not the coming war most think it is. This could be a prelude to Medical Martial Law, as was the fake Boston Bombing. Ebola is VERY hard to catch but TPTB will use this any way they can. There is nothing to fear; your faith and your intelligence are your shield and sword. And this will surely pass.

    I am saving your site and will go over it as time permits and comment here and there. You are a bright beacon in these dark times. You are already a lighthouse keeper.

    I have a link for you that I would like to give privately about what's really going so you may contact me here:

    Stay well and get some sleep!!

    1. Hi Jean,
      I remember you sister, and so glad you found your way back to the site. I'm no disease expert, but well read enough to know your words ring true. When Soren & I spoke today, we both expressed the hope that we and so many others are wrong about this...but either way, time for this bunch to be run off the planet.

      will be in touch, thanks

  6. "I want to know why?". Yes, why? Of all the things that amaze me, the most amazing has to be why some can see, why others cannot. No matter how obvious, some cannot, will not ever see. As da Vinci once said, "There are three classes of people; Those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see."

    Another great post, C. Hey, I wanted to ask you a question on 3D printing. How can I email you?